What flowers to sow in May? My top picks of flower seeds to sow in Spring! Because maybe you’re wondering ‘what should I sow this month?’ 
This month, I ask a pretty special YouTube gardener who needs very little introduction, Tanya Anderson from her channel & blog Lovely Greens to recommend her one seed, that if you sow nothing else, you have to sow this!
 // This Month's Seeds // 
Phlox ► 
Zinnia ► 
Sunflower ► 
Calendula ► 
Love In a Mist ► 
Cornflower ► 
Tagetes ► 
Nicotiana ► 
Asters ► 
Cosmos ► 
Nasturtium 'Orchid Flame' (Tanya's Recommendation) 
Wildflower Mixes ► 
Foxglove Excelsior Mix 
Foxglove Pam’s Choice - Alternative found here (‘Alba’) ► 
Digitalis Ferruginea 
Honesty / Lunaria ► W
allflowers ► 
Perennial Sunflower / Heliopsis 
Lavender ► 
Aquilegia ► 
Hardy Geranium 
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